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28 marca 2015

removie hidden files rm -rf

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rm -rf .??*

21 marca 2015


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Bindings ->

click on create control binding and select action item. In create action binding wizard select AppModuleDataControl->DepartmentsView1->Operation->createInsert.

In Executables section click in create executables Binding and select invokeAction item. In Insert invokeAction as CreateInsert

Edit the invokeCreateInsert and set the refresh to renderModel because when ever the page loaded this will execute the createInsert operation by inserting the empty record in the collection.


11 marca 2015

Unable to reserve the .lok file for Integrated WebLogic Server (IntegratedWebLogicServer).

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Oracle JDeveloper

When JDeveloper closes unexpected without shutting down IntegratedWebLogicServer, trying to start IntegratedWLS next time, gives “Unable to reserve the .lok file for Integrated WebLogic Server (IntegratedWebLogicServer).”

First Solution is to kill the process in Task Manager. Open Task Manager & check for java.exe process for higher memory consumption. End the process.

IF above does not help then go to C:\Users\RRA\AppData\Roaming\JDeveloper\system11.\DefaultDomain . Delete the edit.lok file.

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